out of order
and within reason.


shines brighter, is better
more beautiful

> in eternity

in the eyes of inevitable chaos
through the lens of nostalgia.

beauty exists as it fractilises
> we will never be here again.

sydney > australia. 2018.

A poetic ricochet, the New Horror muse encapsulates rebellion yet romanticism - brooding, yet ethereal, enigmatic yet resolute - with each garment emanating a dichotomy of the harsh and the delicate.

The New Horror design philosophy was built with transcendental love at heart; each garment is tailored to be timeless, remarkable and above all, irreplaceable. With integral respect to aesthetic longevity and luxurious natural composition, New Horror reinvents the modern approach to sentimentality through elevating essentials into something evocative – ones that capture the heart and transcend as a protagonist.